P R E S E N T A T I O N    T R A Y 


3 D   V I S U A L S


C O M P L E T E D   P R O J E C T


3D   B E S P O K E   I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N   S E R V I C E 

Creating beautiful spaces to enhance living is at the heart of our design process. A meeting will be arranged on site to get to know you, discuss the proposed project, your requirements and first thoughts on colours and designs. We will measure and photograph each room and then calculate the design fees based on the surface area and scope of design works needed. Bringing together furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, paint colours, curtains and accessories we will create your personalised presentation pack inclusive of 3D scaled computer aided designs. You will be invited into our studio where we will present our ideas to you. We have an extensive fabric library and showroom so by hosting this meeting here we can provide you with tangible fabrics, furniture and accessories to bring your design to life.
Fees are calculated at £25.00 per square metre with a minimum of £350.00 per room – for an estimate please enquire. 


A D D I T I O N A L   S E R V I C E S   

INSTALLATION  After coordinating and storing all your purchases until your order is complete, our specialist in house team will assemble and place furniture & rugs, hang pictures & mirrors, then add finishing touches and accessories, bringing your design to life.

Fees £100.00 per hour

CONSULTATIONS for further design solutions, following your initial presentation – £100.00 per hour  

COLLABORATING with builders, kitchen designers etc. Scaled drawing for fitted furniture. Measured diagrams for lights and socket placement.

All charged at £100.00 per hour.

OUTSOURCING goods & services – subject to 15% surcharge

For further information please contact us on